Example Scenario

1. Write a program in any language other than shell/bash: Python or Perl. I decided on Perl because I don't know Python "YET"
  • a. Opens file data.xlsx and convert to csv
  • b. Sorts data by price
  • c. Prints results to standard out
  • d. Submit source and output
  • 2. How do you redirect standard out to standard error?
  • 3. What command shows you all files open by root?
  • 4. Why does that command shows you TCP and UDP sockets?
  • 5. What are some file system mount options that can improve performance?
  • a. What would you sacrifice using these mount options?
  • b. Why is that OK?
  • 6. What command shows you how busy the file system is?
  • 7. Explain what load average is?
  • 8. Write a sample maintenance notification email
  • a. The service will still be up
  • b. Performance of service may be very bad at times
  • c. The maintenance will begin at midnight
  • d. The maintenance should take 1 hours but there is a chance of the maintenance taking longer
  • Example code in zip file